Here’s what happens when you work with me

  1. You’ll avoid cultural faux pas so that you won’t make a fool of yourself and be seen as the weird expat girl or guy.
  2. You’ll confidently use natural informal expressions in everyday conversations with native English speakers so that you can impress them and be seen as one of them.
  3. You’ll understand all the subtle nuances of politeness so that you won’t offend others and be labelled as rude.
  4. You’ll make a good first impression so that you won’t be misjudged or looked down upon.

When you can do the above things, you’ll start to feel accepted and integrated in your new life abroad.

Here’s what that really means for you

  • No more sleepless nights. You won’t need to worry about what to say at that cocktail party next week.
  • You won’t be crying yourself to bed over the frustration of feeling misunderstood and making a fool of yourself.
  • Instead of staying at home, you’ll go out more with your colleagues and friends. You’ll be confident about socialising (even if you’re an introvert).
  • You’ll choose to join your colleagues in the staff room during the coffee break. While sipping on your Cappuccino, you’ll joke about the weekend and talk about that funny thing that happened to you on Saturday night.

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♦ You’ll stop saying and doing the wrong things

♦ You’ll stop appearing rude and impolite

♦ You’ll stop looking awkward and out of place

♦ And you’ll stop feeling like the weird expat!

You’ll also get awesome ACTION TIPS to help you be more natural in your conversations in English!

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Why should you learn with me?

Mélanie Bisaillon (Québec, Canada)

"My decision to move overseas was spontaneous. The only concern I had about my new life was my English. I'm a French speaker and English was the second language I learned at high school. I looked on the internet to find an English school and I found Leandra. I contacted her and she knew what to work on quickly.

I prefer private classes because she could stay focused on me. Leandra is very professional. I had two hours per week and I am progressing rapidly. Leandra is always on time for our appointment. I recommend English with Leandra to learn English quickly."

Alicia Salvadori (France)

Before having a small talk session, I was not confident at all. The idea of talking on the phone with someone scared me, even in my own language. The coaching program helped me to organize my ideas and prepare my script before the interview. It pushed me to train myself on my own, and using conversation fillers.

My favorite part of the coaching session was the practice on Whatsapp. It was a really good way to practice and improve. What is special about the program, is this is not just a “lesson” with the vocabulary to use, there is real guidance and advice.