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Are you ready to socialize and fit in with your English-speaking friends and colleagues?

If you are ready to have casual conversations and make small talk in English like a pro, you are in right place.

Imagine what it would be like if you could:

  1. Keep conversations going and avoid that dreaded awkward silence by responding naturally and spontaneously in casual conversations
  2. Understand all the subtle nuances of politeness so that you won’t offend native English speakers and be labelled as rude
  3. Make a good first impression so that you won’t be misjudged or looked down upon as the "weird expat"

When you can do the above things, you’ll start to feel accepted and integrated in your new life abroad. You'll be able to easily socialize with native English speakers at work and social events.

If this sounds good and you're serious about improving your casual conversation and small talk skills, then fill out the form below for a free consultation session.

During the consultation, we will discuss your current struggles with small talk, your conversational goals for the future and how I can guide you along the journey.

I have a limited number of these sessions available per month so I encourage you to fill out the application form below to get yours. Please remember that during this consultation, we will discuss ways we could work together to help you accomplish your conversational English goals.

(My coaching packages range from $50 to $350 USD depending on the complexity of the training. Packages can last 1 - 4 weeks depending on the amount of support and training you desire or need. You can also request an ongoing monthly package if there are a lot of aspects you would like to work on. Packages are available for busy professionals who travel a lot and might not have large amounts of time to dedicate to training.)

When I receive your application, I’ll get in touch with you by email within 24 - 36 hours to schedule your session (Please make sure to type the correct email address below.)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Leandra King

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See What My Amazing Clients Have to Say

Alicia Salvadori - Project Assistant (France)

Before having a small talk session, I was not confident at all. The idea of talking on the phone with someone scared me, even in my own language. The coaching program helped me to organize my ideas and prepare my script before the interview. It pushed me to train myself on my own, and using conversation fillers.

My favorite part of the coaching session was the practice on Whatsapp. It was a really good way to practice and improve. What is special about the program, is this is not just a “lesson” with the vocabulary to use, there is real guidance and advice.

David S. - Systems Engineer (Switzerland)

Before having a small talk session, I was a bit under pressure as I didn’t know how to fill these silent moments. After one session, I have more assurance now when talking to an American native English speaking person on the phone and feel like an equal partner in the conversation. I noticed the quality of the work document you prepared and I really enjoyed it.

Mélanie Bisaillon- Marketing Consultant (Québec, Canada)

My decision to move overseas was spontaneous. The only concern I had about my new life was my English. I'm a French speaker and English was the second language I learned at high school. I looked on the internet to find an English school and I found Leandra. I contacted her and she knew what to work on quickly.